Investment Philosophy

Stock ChartsPartnering with you and your Wealth Advisor – who serves as a primary point of contact for all of our advisory services – our investment management team builds structured portfolios across three key asset classes: stocks, bonds, and alternative investments. Using individual securities or mutual funds, depending on the amount invested, we emphasize broad diversification, seeking securities and asset types with favorable risk/reward characteristics.

  • For the stock portion of our portfolios, we typically diversify among a number of different investment styles and sectors – including large, mid and small-cap stocks, value and growth styles, and domestic and international securities. 
  • With fixed income investments, we build actively-managed portfolios with individual securities or bond mutual funds. Each approach is designed to achieve attractive total return relative to appropriate benchmarks. For clients who prefer a more defensive approach, we build ladders of buy-and-hold bonds. 
  • We also invest in alternative assets – such as commodities, currencies, or real estate investment trusts – to further enhance portfolio performance and reduce risk. 
  • We have also created a number of unique portfolios with strategies to meet very specific and target investment goals.

Portfolios are actively managed using a disciplined, team-based approach. As markets and economies evolve, we make adjustments in the asset blend to capture relative value or reduce volatility. However, we do not swing for the fences by making large bets on future market movement; changes to the asset mix tend to develop more gradually, as we weigh a wide range of market developments and economic indicators.